Win! Wetherspoons performs U-turn and agrees to pay staff

Wetherspoons has performed a U-turn and agreed to pay ‘furloughed’ staff before receiving funds from the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

The surprise – but welcome – decision was made after a session of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, chaired by MP Rachel Reeves.

The company came under huge pressure after the story broke yesterday, and under further pressure today when more than 90 MPs wrote a letter to boss Tim Martin demanding he changed his mind.

After the decision, MP Jo Stevens tweeted: “Wetherspoons have u-turned on decision not to pay 43,000 staff while pubs are shut. Staff to be paid on April 3 and weekly after that. Good news, but people won’t forget political pressure forced your hand Tim Martin.”

BFAWU Branch 101 Secretary and Wetherspoon’s worker Alex MacIntyre said: “Wetherspoon’s U-turn is welcome. We should never have had to wait till the end of April to be paid. We’re still waiting for confirmation that we’ll be paid 100% of our wages as this is not yet clear. Even on 100% of our wages we struggle to get by because they’re so low.

“Nobody should have to worry about paying bills, rent or buying food when they work for such a profitable company.  Instead the company has cruelly caused enormous stress and anxiety to its 40,000+ employees. This was an active decision by the company in the midst of a crisis that is affecting the entire world.

“It is only by coming together to support each other that we can make sure it is not workers who suffer whilst our employers look after their profits. We will not forget this abandonment by the company of its workers. There’s power in a union. Solidarity”

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5 thoughts on “Win! Wetherspoons performs U-turn and agrees to pay staff

  1. Even though it’s good news, and the bad press obviously changed managements decision on this, why be so negative at this time..
    We all make the wrong decisions from time to time..
    This company provides plenty of work generally for the younger generation, and work in a friendly happy place.
    Iv spoken with many staff members and they all love where they work(apart from those who hate working) and enjoy what they do! How many jobs can you say that!!
    Back off boycotting I say..
    There are far more big players who arent doing there bit at all!!

  2. Why dont we expose bunzl , I work for them they dont care about there staff I have copd , they coudnt care less about u , there still open putting lives at danger

  3. Political Pressure? Rubbish the pressure came from the grass roots of decent caring people and had started long before any unionist politician got their finger out. But should we be surprised certainly not with an elitist Tory government who have dismantled much of the English NHS and hindered the Scottish NHS with their ignorance, austerity and their arrogant misuse of taxpayers money on grandiose projects they fail continually to complete and yet their leader has the affrontery to stand on the steps of 10 Downing Street to applaud the very people whose lives he and his mob have endangered by mismanagemet.

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